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It lets you visualize your store locations and lets you see sales trends jump out like visual stories.


It lets you scrutinize and analyze sales performance at different market locations.


It helps you identify your best and the worst performing stores and understand the influencing factors.


It lets you compare the sales based on different time periods, within or among different stores.


It lets you visually compare performance of your products and product categories.


It gives you insights on market factors that act as headwinds and tailwinds that each of your stores face.


It gives an insight on your current customer-base in terms of product purchase and draws patterns that help senior management understand customer behavior.


It helps you discover locations of your ideal buyers and new areas of market potential.


It helps you select the most suitable site to open a new store.


It highlights market gaps between your weak and strong performing locations and how you can cover such gaps.

Benefits We Provide

Sales Analysis

Draw geographic patterns out of your sales data, identify best and worst performing stores and learn how your products individually perform

Market Analysis

Discover new Markets, gain an insight on Socioeconomic characteristics of a region and the factors influencing strong or weak sales.

Site Selection

Select promising sales sites with incorporated location based intelligence, understand the market potential and plan an optimized network.

Inventory Distribution and Planning

Forecast sales volume and plan distribution, by analyzing historic data, demand and potential in a location for an optimized inventory.

Resource Management

Manage and Monitor the performance of your salespeople, structurize the workload and put your best people to take care of special events.

SwiftAnalytix – helps you improve sales, reduce the market risks and connect with your right customers.

Are you toiling to better your revenues at all the sales locations but not really sure where and what to precisely focus on? Would you be curious to know the trends and patterns in your data that continually affect your sales, both in a positive or negative way.

SwiftAnalytix is an intuitive, map-based business intelligence solution that adds the power of visualization to your bland business data. Its location intelligence gives you an insight on how your choice of locations influence your sales performance. So apparently, it helps you discover the right market for your products, connect you with your ideal buyers, reduce risks, optimize costs and increase the returns like never before.


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